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19 November 2018 bharat 0 Comments

Winter is the time when our skin looses maximum of its moisture content tending to become rough and dry. Dry skin in winter brings along with it a lot of other problems as well like itching, flaking, redness etc. While this can make you uncomfortable physically, it can leave you mentally distressed as you feel worried about your looks with those awfully cracked skin.

Having said this, we all know there’s always a remedy for winters called the moisturizers or body lotions. But, are these really effective? I guess, the answer is ‘NO’. We might all have faced the situation where winter moisturizers show very least or no effect on our skin making it look dull and dry just after sometime of their application. Moreover, some of them feel very oily or sticky when applied and cause a sense of discomfort when applied. So, what can help you really out of this winter dryness? Answer is ‘Essential Oils’.

Essential oils for winter are really good alternatives for your regular body lotions or winter creams. With the best power to heal and soothe, these oils will not only leave you nourished for a soft comfy feeling this winter, but will also improve your overall skin health. One of the best reasons you should try essential oils for dry skin this season is that it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky after application. When used with proper carrier oils, essential oils will penetrate deep into your skin, nourishing it from the inner most and will evaporate from outside without leaving oily residue behind like the regular winter creams. Moreover, compared to the regular winter moisturizers, they will not cost you more on your pockets as well because it takes only one or two drops of essential oil with little carrier oil to get you covered for your winter nourishment a long way.

Frankincense oil:Frankincense oil is great remedy for your dry skin. With excellent anti-aging properties, this oil helps in new skin generation while reducing the wrinkles, scars and fine lines on it. It deeply nourishes your skin for an even tone without any sort of inflammation and chaps even in these dry winters.

Carrot Seed Oil: The excellent anti-oxidant properties of this oil helps improve your overall skin health and is excellent moisturizer for dry itching skin.

Chamomile Essential Oil:Chamomile can wonders on your dry, itchy skin. Due to its extreme calming properties, it can soothe skin irritations and burns really well. It’s really very good moisturizer for sensitive skin. Because of its tendency to penetrate deep into skin, it soothes your skin at all its levels making extremely soft and gentle.

Ylang-Ylang Oil:This oil helps you keep your skin clean and free from contaminants because of its wonderful antiseptic properties. It can well balance moisture in your skin giving it the right nourishment required in dry winters.

Apart from these, lavender, geranium, cucumber seed oil, sandalwood, palmarosa are also great winter oils to treat your rough irritated skin the right way. For the best blends, use them safe with carrier oils like jojoba, almond, rosehip, argan and apricot kernel oils.

So, stay young and stay nourished with essential oils at your access. Just get the right blends and enjoy their ultimate health benefits this winter.

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Say ‘BYE’ to Dry Skin This Winter with Essential Oils


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