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Kamakhya Impex manufactures 100% pure, original oils that find their best use in countless applications and industry sectors. We like to keep our oils rich in value without any adulteration for maximum effectiveness, prolong lifespan and utmost purity. Our quality control processes with perfect blend of carefully selected raw materials and high-end manufacturing standards help us produce the most impeccable range of natural essential oils for carefree applications in every field.

Custom Packaging of Oils in BULK Quantities

We offer our oils in different quantities in both standard as well as custom packaging options. However, bulk custom packaging of essential oils is our specialty. We do completely customized packaging to meet the needs of our clients. At Kamakhya, we ensure that bulk essential oil packaging is done with only the best packaging products. We ensure that the best precautions are taken while packing essential oils in bulk quantities in order to ensure that the oils can be transmitted without any sort of deterioration or product loss.

We can essentially provide bulk packages of pure natural oils in two options – HDPE and GI drums.

Bulk Essential Oil Packaging in HDPE Plastic Drums

Large drums made of high grade HDPE plastic material are used for packaging of our essential and carrier oils in bulk quantities. Our HDPE drum packaging option is mainly available for large volumes like 5, 10 and 25kgs of oil packaging.

Bulk Oil Galvanized Iron or GI Drum Packaging

We have ultimate quality drums made of finest galvanized iron for the packaging of largest quantities of oils to ensure their safest handling and transit. We have the options of 180 and 200 KGs for bulk essential oil packaging in GI drums.

Bulk oil packaging at Kamakhya is a state-of-the-art process done according to the best packaging standards and with utmost care to meet client’s requirements. With the finest quality packaging materials, we ensure to give sturdy, leakage-proof, cost effective and equally stress-free oil handling and transit options for our clients.