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Geranium Oil

Pure & Natural Geranium Essential Oil

We at Kamakhya Impex, India – Manufacturer, Producer and Exporter of 100 % Pure Natural Geranium Essential oils.Our products is demanded widely for its precise formation, utmost purity, high effectiveness and longer lifespan.

Applications :

The oil is widely used in aromatherapy and contains a number of beneficial compounds.

Geranium oil is often compared to the rose essential oil because they share almost the same therapeutic traits.

Therapeutically, the Rose Geranium oil affects the adrenal cortex and greatly helps in relieving stress.


The Rose Geranium oil does a ‘balancing effect’ on the nervous system and relieves depression and anxiety. It assists with detoxifying the body and treating PMS as well as balancing vaginal secretion and heavy periods in women folks. It is an equally effective aid for curing burns, wounds, ulcers and other epidermal problems.

Beauty and Perfumery :

As a constituent in a blended cream or lotion, rose geranium essential oil can be used for clearing sluggish and oily skin, as well as wound, burn and ulcer healing and has value to treat eczema, repelling insects, stones, cellulite, ringworm infections and the cosmetologists prefer it for the enlargement of breasts.