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Aloe Vera Oil

We at Kamakhya Impex, India – Manufacturer, Producer and Exporter of 100 % Pure Natural Aloe Vera Oil.

For many centuries, Aloe Vera has been used in many countries. This has many healing properties and is one of the best medicinal plants as it cures many ailments and health disorders.

Aloe vera plant is well known for its health and skin benefits and is grown best in tropical regions. It is perennial plantAloe vera oil has many medicinal and herbal benefits. It is also known as grihatkumari oil

Extraction : Aloe vera oil is obtained by soaking aloe vera leaves in carrier oils like soyabean, apricot or almond.

Uses :

It acts as an anti ageing agent and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

It is also good for cleansing of skin.

It is good for hair as it promotes its shine and strength.

It helps in getting relieve from dandruff and split ends.

It is applied to lip to improve its texture.

It relaxes the muscles and hence is used as massage oil.