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5 Benefits Of Spice Oils That May Change Your Perspective

19 November 2018 bharat 0 Comments

Everyone knows how beautifully the spice oils can trigger up our taste buds when added to the food and beverages. Extracted from leaves and seeds of rich spice herbs, these concentrated liquids encompass a rich charismatic flavor and aroma. And, this is the reason that spice oils are being used in food applications since ages, but very little is known about their use in healthcare and various other industrial segments.

Let’s now look at the wider perspective of spice essential oils and learn about their versatile applications in other sectors.

Spice Oils for Healthcare:

Spice oils have numerous therapeutic benefits and can promote our health in several ways. Take the example of cinnamon oil, it is a great heart health booster, blood sugar stabilizer, remedy for skin inflammations, sore throat, ulcers and various hair problems. Similarly, even clove oil is known to have very good anesthetic, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antiviral, and stimulating properties. However, it is widely used for dental care and extremely effective in toothaches, sore gums, and mouth ulcers. The uses of coriander oil however are a bit different with very good digestive and stomachic properties. While it aids in digestion and weight loss, it is also good for relieving nervous cramps, curing fungal infections and blood purification. Apart from these, there are garlic oil, ginger and cardamom oils, that have numerous applications in healthcare. So, one thing is definitely clear that spices oils are of a great value for our health when used in proper way.

Spice Oils for Pharmaceutical Applications:

Increasing side effects and medicine costs has now made people to trust and adapt the natural medicines for health care. Very little is known about the use of spice oils in preparation of these natural health supplements. Oils like garlic oil, coriander oil, clove oil and many more are being used since ages in preparation of natural medications. While cinnamon oil makes up a great ingredient for antibacterial medications used to treat human infectious diseases, garlic oil is used widely to prepare natural mosquito repellants that are more effective than market repellants. Apart from several health benefits that clove oil has, it is also a vital component of many insect repellant candles and bug repellants. Spice oils are of great medicinal value and hence, are utilized worldwide to manufacture medications used to treat various health, skin and hair conditions.

Spice Oils for Cosmetics & Personal Hygiene:

There is a great demand for preservative-free cosmetics worldwide and hence, now-a-days antimicrobial herbal extracts like spice oils are being used to reduce the risks of allergies associated with synthetic preservatives. Especially, the cinnamon oil, which possesses great antibacterial activity and hence, is being used in cosmetics industry as anti-contamination substance. Various spice oils are now being used in preparation of creams, soaps, shampoos, mouth wash, lacquers, lipsticks and many more cosmetic products.

Apart from these applications of spice oils, they are also very good to use in natural pesticide formulations to control pests in farms and gardens. Green pesticides made from these rich oils are now-a-days being used for insect-pest management in agriculture sector.

Hence, the common perspective about spice oils and their use in food and beverages industry is now changing with so many versatile applications of these natural herb extracts. Just explore the wider side and you will learn more.

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